Wedding Sherwani Selection for Indian Groom

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September 13, 2019
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Groom Wear in Udaipur

Wedding Sherwani for Indian Groom

Among all of the Indian traditional outfits for men, sherwani is the most preferred traditional outfit for grooms at Indian weddings. It is a classic example of style and gloriousness, offering a splendid and classy look to any groom. Ideally paired with a stole, bandhani pagri, and mojris, this outfit can be styled in a number of ways to bring out the best of the attire when you flaunt it.

Here is the list to select your Wedding Sherwani for the big day:

Know your Body

Human bodies come in all shapes and sizes and not everyone resembles a fashion model for the menswear collection. Some tricks to conceal the undesired areas in the body can easily transform the groom into the most desirable man in the wedding arena.

Matching Elements

Without elements like Dupatta, Kalgi, Turban, and Safa your Sherwani is incomplete. The best way to select your Dupatta and other elements color, match with your partner dress, it is a most popular color combination between the bride and the groom wear if you want to have some amount of color coordination.


The fabric must be the best. Since you and your partner would be the highlights of the evening, everybody will be evaluating how you look. For that reason, you must ensure that you look the best that day.

Right Pattern

Sherwani has become one of the most important ethnic attires in the Indian subcontinent. Its augustness makes it a liable choice for the day. This coat like kurta can be teamed up with churidar, pajama or a dhoti. From heavy embroidery to simple designs, there is a wide range of designs that enrich sherwanis. You can select one based on your body type and comfort.

If you are looking for the best in design rather than the most expensive material, Shahi Vivah, Udaipur offers a much better surface for which to adorn more materials for the artist. We are from one of the best Royal Wedding Sherwani in Udaipur.


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